What exactly IS Hot Yoga?

Our 'hot' classes are practiced in a heated room with temperatures ranging from 95-102 and elevated humidity levels.  This heated environment promotes extreme sweating which helps eliminate the body of toxins.  The increased heat helps to improve the muscular and skeletal systems by allowing deeper stretching throughout the postures, increasing blood and oxygen circulation, and building strength from head to toe.  Hot yoga is a wonderful practice for healing old injuries or preventing new ones.  Yoga is one of the most valuable stress relieving forms of exercise there is.  Additionally, we are the only local studio that reaps the benefits of state of the art infrared heating panels.


Can beginners come?

Absolutely! We keep our environment very relaxed and welcoming by encouraging our students to go at their own pace.  We do our best to offer modifications throughout class so that postures are as accessible as possible for all students.  You can read all of our class descriptions on our schedule page to find the classes best geared for beginners. If you have any special concerns please feel free to chat with your teacher before class.



What do I need to bring?


A yoga mat (we have mats you can borrow, but we recommend bringing your own), a large towel, bottled water (we have these for sale) and clothing that you feel comfortable moving and sweating in.  No shoes or socks.  Be sure to eat at least 2 hours before class to avoid any discomfort.  Most importantly--HYDRATE!


Do I need to reserve a spot?


We don't require reservations--however, we do operate with a fantastic system of online reserving.  By reserving for class you are guaranteed a spot.  If you wish to just show up without a reservation you are more than welcome to..we just can't guarantee there will be space.


What if I can't even touch my toes?


Then this is DEFINITELY the place for you!  We practice yoga so that we CAN become more mobile and flexible in our muscles and joints.  It's NEVER too late to begin practicing yoga!


I'm not interested in 'hot' yoga, is there something else for me?


Absolutely.  We offer just as many non-heated classes throughout both locations! Please visit our Schedule to view all desciptions.

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